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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Alfonso Reyes

      Comp 450 V6 Gi - Blue

      Kay Kim

      I was worried after reading the review, but my pants didn't shrink as much as I thought. Very good, I highly recommend it.

      Jon Pruett
      Top quality, as usual

      Just purchased Comp 450 gi - great look, great feel. Highly recommend 👊

      Dylan Stone
      Shrinks a lot

      Good Gi, entirely cloth pants instead of the rip stop material. They shrunk a lot after one dry

      Fred P
      Size has no relation with measurement chart

      Had two A2 gis from kingz before « the one » shrank so much never could wear it, i loved the size of the A2 my old vcomp but felt i could try to get a bit more on the overlap and shoulders. I was told, after i wrote that i would have no more than 2 1/2 inches on the shoulders and width of the gi. When i got the gi it looked like a A4 and i could fit two me in the pants. I shrank the f…. out of it in hot water and heat dry and i managed to get it wearable…. Honestly i m gonna think it twice next time. I work hard for my dough… i don t want to have to try to  « fit » a gi to me and i want to be able to rely on the chart because the store is not next door. The return back was not an option since i had to pay alot for the shipping.