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      BJJ fighters, what do you wear to compete? If you said Kingz men's kimonos, you got it right.

      Your BJJ kimono must be comfortable yet durable. Stepping on the mat feeling and looking good gives you an edge. There is no need to worry about your opponent grabbing these bad boys because they are made from the highest-quality, most durable materials.

      No more searching through stores to find that perfect men's kimono! With so many options at Kingz, you'll be able to find a jiu jitsu kimono that suits your needs just fine without breaking the bank or worrying about it falling apart after just one wash. Plus, they come in different colors, so you can find one that suits your style!

      Comp 450 V6 Gi - Black Comp 450 V6 Gi - Black
      $ 160
      Comp 450 V6 Gi - White Comp 450 V6 Gi - White
      $ 160
      Comp 450 V6 Gi - Blue Comp 450 V6 Gi - Blue
      $ 160