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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Nour Abdelhamid
      Amazing design

      It was a great purchase, I loved the design and everything about the Gi. It also came with a really nice bag. One thing I didn’t love wad that the pants fit a little more snug than other Kingz Gis that I have in the same size

      Alexa Paulino Amarante
      Beautiful gi

      This is one of the most beautiful Gi I’ve ever had. All the details, the colors, the fit… Honestly, I love it. I feel very comfy using it, it’s very lightweight. I definitely would recommend it. True to size. F0.

      Amber C
      Legends Never Die Gi - F1

      I love this gi! It looks sharp and definitely performs well on the mat. My only complaint is that the bag that it came in ripped at the bottom after the first use. Which is a shame because it is a pretty cool bag that came with it, and now I can't use it. However, the gi is amazing and I highly recommend getting it.

      Gillian Boyd
      Great Gi to Honor a Great Legend!

      Purchased the F4 gi, nice fit for me. Love the bag that goes with it. Proud to support the Instituto Leandro Lo which will help children and adults change their lives for the better.

      Jennifer McClelland
      Such a beautiful gi

      The only issue I have is the sleeves are very long. I have other F3 sized Kingz gis and I don't remember the sleeves being this long. I am going to try and shrink it (i'm not new to this lol) Should be fine. The bag is super cool too. I appreciate being able to contribute to a fund in honor of Leandro Lo. My condolences to the family and friends of him.