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      Tips for Training Injury-Free as a Masters Level Athlete

      Training Injury-Free as Masters Level Athlete

      Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a beautiful sport… one of the few in which individuals from three years old all the way to someone in their 90s might share the same space.

      But, as with nearly all sports, the young have a much easier time of it. They have endless reserves of energy, they don’t break as easy, and if they do, they heal quickly. Not so with anyone in the so-called “Masters” divisions; which is to say, anyone over the ripe old age of 30. Yes, my friends. After we hit 30, we are officially geezers in the jiu-jitsu world. 

      For us long-in-the-toothers, we simply have to train differently than we did or would have when we were young. We have to train smarter. Here are five tips on how to train as a Masters level athlete...

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      Kingz Athletes Dominate at Worlds

      Kingz Athletes Dominate at Worlds

      Since the IBJJF World Championships 2023 earlier this month, we’ve had some time to reflect on the results… and the incredible performance of our Kingz Athletes.

      If you weren’t able to catch the Worlds as it was going on – either in person or on FloGrappling – you missed some incredible jiu-jitsu. 

      Here is a recap of the nine Kingz Athletes who dominated their divisions and hit the top of the podium this year...

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      Which BJJ Gear Bag is Right for You?

      BJJ Gear Bag

      Let’s take a moment to focus on an under-appreciated part of your training kit: the BJJ gear bag. This is the most used, abused, thrown around and filled to the gills item you might have… but arguably one of the most important.

      How else would you carry all that your gis, no-gi gear, mouthguards, water bottle, etc.? Odds are you’re not juggling them to and from the academy. Or maybe you are. That’d be a neat trick.

      All joking aside, picking “just the right” gear bag from among the masses of available bags out there can be a headache. We know. We’ve been there. So, we’ve made it easy for you. We have five awesome, and very different, options for you to choose from. Depending on your individual needs and style, you’re bound to find one that tickles your fancy.

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      Kingz Spring Apparel Review

      Kingz Spring Apparel Review

      What’s better than warmer temperatures and longer days of glorious sunshine? The latest Kingz Spring Apparel collection! 

      Safe to say, our designers were seriously inspired this year. Featuring some fresh takes on classic staples, cozy spring-temp ready neturals, and a few bold statement making pieces, this year’s Spring Apparel collection really delivers!

      Let’s take a look…

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      Pans 2023 - Congratulations Kingz Athletes

      Pans 2023 Kingz Athletes

      If you didn’t catch the IBJJF Pan American Championships last weekend, you missed out on some major action! One of the “Big Four” gi tournaments in the IBJJF calendar, the Pans was jam-packed with big names and epic matches.

      Among them were some of our very own Kingz Athletes… who did not disappoint! Here’s are a few of those that hit the top of the podium last weekend...

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