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      Five Activities to Supplement Your BJJ Training

      Five Activities to Supplement Your BJJ Training

      These days, it’s just not enough to just do jiu-jitsu. I mean, you can. There are no rules against it, and if Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is simply a fun hobby that gets you out of the house and moving, you certainly don’t have any obligation to do more than that.

      But if your goals are greater than that, you should do more. You need to supplement your BJJ training in other ways.  

      Whether you have dreams of becoming a high-level competitor, or you simply want to get really good at jiu-jitsu, or even if you’re merely interested in maintaining your longevity on the mat, here are five things you should be doing to supplement your BJJ training...

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      GI REVIEW – Balistico 4.0

      review balistico 4.0

      The hottest selling competition gi that has ever passed through the Kingz warehouse is back… and it’s better than ever before. The Balistico 4.0 Jiu-Jitsu Gi features fresh new aesthetic details and built to withstand everything you can throw at it… including the kitchen sink. We tested it… for science.

      Okay, maybe that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s no lie that the Balistico has been and continues to be the toughest gi model in the Kingz lineup. And with the latest updates, it’s equally as sheik.

      What makes the Balistico 4.0 different from the rest? Read on…

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      Kingz Athlete Spotlight: Jeysen Santiago dos Santos

      jeysen santiago dos santos

      The Kingz team is full of some of the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu talent in the world, and some of our toughest competitors are Masters level athletes… including one of the best pound-for-pound Master 2 athletes in the world: Jeysen Santiago do Santos.

      Today, Jeysen is a fourth degree black belt and co-owns JJ Brazilian Academy in Redlands, California. In addition to teaching jiu-jitsu full-time, he still competes in the Master 2 light-feather weight division… and has his sights on that World Championship title this year.

      We caught up with Jeysen to learn a little more about who he is and what makes him tick… read on...

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      How We Help Grow BJJ

      sponsoring bjj events

      Here at Kingz, our mission is not only to produce the best gis and no-gi gear in the jiu-jitsu industry, but to support the entire BJJ community.

      We do that in many ways. Sponsoring athletes so that they can dedicate more of their time to training, donating proceeds to good causes within the community, directly providing jobs for hard-working athletes, and enabling academies to access high-quality gis and gear at reasonable wholesale prices are only some of them.

      But since 2012 (less than a year after our founding), we have also been one of the biggest sponsors of jiu-jitsu events, worldwide. Why? Because this is what grows jiu-jitsu.

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      BJJ New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

      BJJ New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

      Welcome to 2023! What better way to ring in the new year than spending a few minutes thinking about your goals?

      If you’re like me, you manage several resolutions for the different areas of your life… including jiu-jitsu! But what are some good BJJ New Year’s Resolutions? Here are a few ideas to help you decide, including some tips on getting them done...

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