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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 19 reviews
      Nick Knoppel
      Great brown belt, good quality and feel

      Happy with it. It is a light color but looks great. Bought this in combo with the white ballistico 4.0. Also my favorite gi

      Leonel Agudelo

      Amazing baby blue belt

      Mark S.
      White Belt Review

      Title says it all. Because of my newness, I’m unsure of how valid my opinion is. I have two gis. The first one is 9mo old and went to class 3-4x per week. I either A) enjoy how it fits or B) am used to how it fits. I’m 5’10’ at 200 and got an A3 for my Kings. Long story (mostly) short, the pants fit longer than I’d like (hit the top of my foot), and…this is an odd one…it’s tighter in my hips than I’d prefer. The kimono is bigger than I’d prefer (a little longer and sleeves hit the knuckle closest to my wrist.

      How I think this translates to the mat is that the pants would have a bit of a “head start” rising up my leg to achieve positions. I’m a 49YO white belt. Flexibility, technique, and ability aren’t quiiiiiiiiite there yet. I’m told I don’t spazz, so I’ve got that going for me.

      That seems like a lot of negatives. What’s true is that I think it’s operator error on the mat (me). It seems really well made. Like real sturdy. The stitching and double, triple, and quadruple stitching don’t seem like it’s gonna come unraveled anytime soon. It also looks how I prefer it: not a lot of emblems and patches. Clean lines, simple approach, and traditional looking. I enjoy that.

      Gladly purchase another and will. I might request assistance next time, but that maybe 49YO talking. Thanks for letting me share.

      Ian Csapo
      Great GI

      Probably my favorite GI now. Great material, fits well, very durable. Recommend

      alberto garcia
      Perfect competition Gi!

      Light weight and great quality. Pants are roomy and fit well. Cant go wrong with this gi. Gold Label Belts tie it all together perfectly.