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      Top Five Best-Selling Products of 2022

      top five best-selling products of 2022

      This past year was one of the best for the Kingz team. Our athletes had some amazing achievements, our creative team was on fire, and our warehouse was bustling with activity.

      With the end of the year upon us, we thought we’d examine our top selling products. What are they, and what might that say about the BJJ community?

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      GI REVIEW: The One Vice

      The One Vice Gi Review

      This season’s new gi drop from Kingz Kimonos is a fresh take on a tried-and-true model: The One Vice Jiu-Jitsu Gi.

      The inspiration for this gi came from a recent trip by the Kingz team to “The Magic City” and the resurging popularity of 80’s style and television drama. But you don’t have to be from Miami to enjoy this retro styled gi...

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      ADCC World Championships: Who to Watch

      adcc world championships
      The most anticipated event in jiu-jitsu history is this weekend! After a delay due largely to COVID, the ADCC World Championships has returned… and it’s bigger and better than ever before. Of the 97 athletes competing in that prestigious event this year, Kingz alone is proud to claim nine of them. Who are they, and why should you watch?

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      Loss of a Legend: Leandro Lo

      leandro lo

      On the morning of August 7, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community lost one of their most beloved heroes: Leandro Lo. He was only 33 years old.

      Leandro left an incredible legacy. Not only was he one of the most accomplished competitive black belts in the history of jiu-jitsu, he was a leader in the jiu-jitsu community, a dear friend to many, and known by all to be an incredible human being on and off the mat.

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