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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews

      My new favourite gi, for sure. Top is perfect, but the bottoms are a bit tight in the groin area.

      Alexander Garth
      Not Bad But Not Great

      It is SO hard to find a good looking and fitting GI and having the best performance out of your GI. After shrinking the GI a couple times I enjoy the fit way better now. It does feel bulky and heavy while using, but the details on the design look great. Not my favorite but certainly above average. I bought a few basic cheap Kingz GIs many years ago and those didn't last. This one appears way better and feels like it will hold out over time. This gi has pros and cons. I don't think I would get this one again.

      Danny W.
      Great Gi w/Beautiful But Simplistic Patchwork!

      Love the fit and high quality compared to other Gi's...a very durable Gi that I will be ordering in blue as soon as it becomes available!

      Jon M
      Its awesome!

      Love the design, wish they had more colors, grey, military green, dark blue. Get compliments all the time.

      Patrick Sinclair
      This gi is awesome!

      My teenage son is a comp V fan! He got the new comp V6 in white and it was a perfect fit! He loves the shoulder lining in the top and let’s be honest it’s the pants fit and feel that make a good Gi imho, and these are perfect. These gis are good. I’m a nano fan but I ordered a V5 so should receive it in a few days and I’m excited to train in it. 👊🏼